The main goal of EVIDENT database is to facilitate collaboration on generation of further evidence in order to:

  • promote collection of a coherent critical mass of data,
  • enable global analysis of consistent results.

EVIDENT database will include information on:

  • additional studies or any kind of Post-launch evidence generation (PLEG) requested or recommended by European HTA bodies following a HTA (minimum information necessary for establishing collaboration (PICO), protocols, results of data collection, etc.)
  • the related technology (assessment status, evidence gaps, coverage decision status, etc.)

All types of technologies are concerned (drugs, devices, procedures).

In order to promote collaboration, studies should be registered at the earliest stage possible (while still in development).


During the production of the initial assessment reports, Health Technology Assessment agencies can identify evidence gaps. Further to that, they can make recommendations/requests for gathering of additional evidence, for a more robust re-assessment HTA, to further inform policy decisions.
Some agencies are able to fund primary research themselves, others have mechanisms for requesting or demanding evidence generation from other organisations (public or private), and some have no formal system.

Structured collaboration among HTA agencies involved in recommending / requesting / funding PLEG is of outmost importance, to avoid redundancy and to best use limited resources for gathering additional evidence.

Therefore, the Work package 7 of EUnetHTA Joint Action 2010-2012 focused on developing a tool aiming to support sharing and storage of information on PLEG requested, under development, or implemented by HTA bodies.

The development of the database was based on review of similar databases, surveys of EUnetHTA partners and consultation of external stakeholders.

As a result, the EVIDENT database was launched in November 2012 (as a first database release).

In Joint action 3, the database was closed for technical update. It re-opened in the second half of 2019.