EUnetHTA POP Database



The EUnetHTA Planned and Ongoing Projects (POP) database aims at facilitating collaboration among European HTA agencies and reduce duplication of work.

To achieve this aim, EUnetHTA POP database provides EUnetHTA partners a tool allowing to share information on planned, ongoing or recently published projects of participating agencies.

With this tool, EUnetHTA partners can identify similar topics before starting a new project and get in contact with other agencies working on the same project and directly ask to exchange information or elements like:

  • inclusion/ exclusion criteria
  • the literature search protocol
  • findings/abstracts
  • literature/studies
  • extraction tables
  • core elements
  • an English executive summary
  • the full project report/text
  • collaborate in the production of joint project report (authors of different agencies)
  • wait with starting a new project until the similar project of an other agency has been finished


The collection of information for the POP database started in 2009 as a part of the EUnetHTA WP7B activities. The aim was to find practical ways of reducing duplication of HTA activities and facilitating an active information flow on planned and ongoing projects between the EUnetHTA partners.

In early 2010, EUnetHTA JA WP7 Co-LP (LBI-HTA) joined efforts with WP6 LP (KCE) to first provide an online repository (POP workroom) that allowed storing and sharing the collected information in a spreadsheet (from Jan 2010 – Aug 2011) as part of the EUnetHTA Information Management System.

Regular calls (POP requests) were sent to all EUnetHTA JA Partners and Associates soliciting input into the POP Spreadsheet. The quarterly updates of this POP list, which included more than 1.000 project listings, were actively facilitated and managed by the WP7 Co-LP team.

The synthesis of the retrieved information served as a quarterly POP update that included a list of redundant projects. The objectives were: alerting agencies on redundant projects; showing opportunities for the sharing of information; facilitating collaboration between agencies.

In late 2010, WP7 Co-LP (LBI-HTA) and WP6 LP & Co-LP (KCE, DIMDI) started the development of a more user-friendly online solution that fits into the EUnetHTA Information Management System and prepare interoperability with other relevant existing databases.

As a result, the EUnetHTA POP database was launched on August 31, 2011 (as a first database release). Following releases with added and advanced functionalities have been planned and are subject to further development.

EUnetHTA POP database team

  • Judit Erdos / AIHTA (former LBI-HTA) – POP database administrator, moderator
  • BfArM (former DIMDI) – Software development & hosting